*.will-always-want.me will shutdown in 25 Sept 2020 + replacement domain

Edited post. This was originally posted at 07/09/2020.

Hey there, just a quick notice that *.will-always-want.me domain will shutdown in 25 September 2020.

Check out the following article if you had no idea this domain existed: Update about *.will-always-want.me.

As a replacement, I've rented a new domain name named lolis.cyou, as the cost is much cheaper than a dot ME domain (I feel it painful enough to continue renting fiery.me).

Same redirect rules as the previous domain, which are the following with the new domain:

  • lolis.cyou redirects to safe.fiery.me
  • *.lolis.cyou/**/* redirects to i.fiery.me/$3
  • *.lolis.cyou/* redirects to i.fiery.me/$2

I'm thinking of something like dont-let-the.lolis.cyou/with-your-pants-off/abcde.png..

Yeah, I can't think of anything better. But you can do whatever you want really, so go wild.

Additional note about wildcard subdomain: It only allows 1-level wildcard. Meaning something like sub-a.sub-b.lolis.cyou is not possible. It's mostly a limitation with the SSL certificate not allowing multi-level wildcards. Otherwise they work just fine with HTTP.