*.will-always-want.me is no longer active

Hi there!

Not sure if anybody is still using *.will-always-want.me domains recently, but I'd like to announce that from now on they're no longer active.

For those who've got no idea what these domains are for, feel free to read this post: Extra domain for the safe (tl;dr. they redirect to i.fiery.me, so they're just some cringy cool domains to use when sharing; going down cause it was a 1-year free domain).

In that post's comments section, I actually mentioned that they'd only go down at 25 Sep 2019, but today is still 23 Sep 2019 (more or less, depending on your timezone). Well, I figured it'd be a pain to remove them later so I just did it today, lul

Anyway, that's all from me for today. I apologize to those who actually liked to use the domains, if any!