URGENT: Downtime Notice!

Hello there,

Just a quick notice. Within the next few days I'll be transferring the server to a new location in Paris, France. As some of you may know, our server is currently located in Singapore. The 1-year plan of this current server will be ending more or less in 3 weeks, and I've also been planning on getting a server with much bigger storage, so I decided that it's time to move instead of renewing the current server's plan.

During the moving, safe.fiery.me and paste.fiery.me will go down. However, fiery.me, blog.fiery.me (this blog), and especially i.fiery.me (the domain serving uploaded files) will remain active.

I can't really specify an ETA as this will be the first time I'm moving an entire server to another. I still haven't tested how fast the connection is from the current server to the new server either. It may take a couple hours, or it may even take a whole day or more.
So yeah, be prepared.

However, you all can be rest assured that it will come back. ✌️

I'll be posting any updates in the comment section (we're using Disqus - in case someone blocks that and so haven't noticed).