Uptime monitor (update)

Edited post. This was originally posted at 16/05/2018.

Hello there,

We now have uptime monitors for the safe and the hastebin PrivateBin that you can check out from here: https://stats.uptimerobot.com/OPwo4uOz8. It's powered by Uptime Robot, so props to the folks in there.

I wanted to use status.fiery.me as its custom domain, but Uptime Robot seem to have issues with their certificates when being used with Cloudflare's Full SSL (Strict), so I had no choice but to link the default URL in this blog post.

* https://status.fiery.me will now redirect to the URL above.

On a side note, i.fiery.me is the domain used to serve files uploaded to the safe. Unlike the safe which runs with Node + Nginx, i.fiery.me runs only with Nginx, which guarantees that even when Node dies, files can still be served. So, I made an extra monitor for it.

Anyways, that's all. I hope you guys find it useful one way or another.

See ya.

UPDATE 01/02/2019: Update, uwu~

A user recently mentioned that Uptime Robot isn't fast enough. I can certainly agree with that as it only checks every 5 minutes, so at most it can only be used as rough estimates of the total uptime (I, on the other hand, intended that as a "proof" that the safe have +99% uptime).

The said user also recommended me an uptime check tool from Website Planet, that seems to only check the uptime everytime you actually visit the status page.

It seems to work like any other one-time uptime checker tool thing, but it looks pretty good to me, so I'll also link it down below.


One thing to note when using this sort of tool, if you want immediate (a.k.a not "cached") result, you should always check uptime status of the /nojs route instead (https://safe.fiery.me/nojs).

Reason being, we are caching almost all front-end pages, excluding that route. So when the safe is actually down, you will not be able to upload anything, but can still access the safe's homepage just fine (/nojs route on the other hand is a dynamic page, so we are not caching that).