Update about *.will-always-want.me

In short, the domain now uses wildcard subdomain, which means you can use ANY subdomain you like!

Just keep in mind these rules:

  • will.always.want.me redirects to safe.fiery.me
  • *will-always-want.me/**/* redirects to i.fiery.me/$3
  • *will-always-want.me/* redirects to i.fiery.me/$2

For the first rule, notice the lack of wildcard symbols?

Yes, that means will-always-want.me/abc.jpg actually redirects to i.fiery.me/abc.jpg instead!

For the second rule, the double asterisks mean they accept any amount of sub-directories in between.

Take the following examples:

  • subdomain.will-always-want.me/dir1/dir2/dir3/abc.jpg
  • subdomain.will-always-want.me/dir1/abc.jpg

Both of those actually redirect to i.fiery.me/abc.jpg!

As for the third rule, that is the very basic subdomain.will-always-want.me/abc.jpg redirecting to i.fiery.me/abc.jpg.

In conclusion, the only thing that redirects to safe.fiery.me instead is will-always-want.me that has neither subdomain nor paths

If at this point you still don't know what this domain is all about, check out these previous articles:

That's all! See ya folks!