No-JS Uploader

Hello guys, we meet again!

I'm dedicating this blog post to introduce the all new No-JS uploader page!

You can check it out from here.

That uploader does not use any JavaScript in its front-end, so you can use it just fine with NoScript-like extension.

Unfortunately though, you will not be able to associate your uploads to your account, if you have any.

Back then I was thinking that I should probably add an input form in which you could enter your token if you wanted to. But then I thought that, if you would prefer to use the No-JS uploader, then it was likely that you would not bother making an account anyways. After all, the Dashboard needs JavaScript. So yeah, in the end I decided not to add support for tokens to the No-JS uploader page.

Other than that, since we are behind CloudFlare, the maximum size that you can upload with the No-JS uploader page is 100 MB. For now the page says 300 MB, but that's only when you are chunking your uploads to 100 MB or lower (just like the homepage uploader which chunks your upload to 10 MB). I'll try to make that page shows a different maximum file size in the future.

So yeah, that is all. Love you guys, and I hope you will find it useful~