Latest update regarding rate limits

Hi there,

For those who hadn't noticed what I commented on the previous article about rate limits, here it is:

Removed this rate limit, in favor of active monitoring of traffic to automatically temp-ban IPs that crosses certain uncommon thresholds.
This method should no longer interfere with regular users, but may or may not start temp-banning bots and/or scanners.
I may consider lowering the thresholds if server still can't manage during peak hours.

So well, I didn't mention the thresholds awhile back, so here they are in no particular order:

  • Max. 32 concurrent connnections to*.
  • No concurrent connection limits to*.
  • Temp-ban IP for 60 mins if it has surpassed the concurrent connection limits 30 times in a day.
    This counts all subsequent connections after the 32nd connection if all were done at once (i.e. making 62 concurrent connections will immediately result in a temp-ban, because those are already 30 over the 32 limit).

The following also applies to the whole * network:

  • Temp-ban IP for 24 hours if it has tried accessing missing files (404) 50 times in a day.
    This is mainly aimed at scanners. Don't waste your time fellas.
  • Temp-ban IP for 24 hours if it has caused nginx to say "no" 5 times in a day.
    So tread carefully fellas..
  • There are also a few other security-related thresholds, but you won't have to deal with any of those as long as you remain a good person.

I may reconsider these thresholds in the future.

That's all. See ya fellas.