Extra domain for the safe

Hi guys,

I recently added an extra domain that would redirect to i.fiery.me, namely lolis.will-always-want.me. So you can instead use that when posting your meme in Discord and stuff.

Actually just using will-always-want.me without the lolis subdomain would work too, but only because I didn't bother.

Anyways, the current active subdomain is only lolis, but I can add more subdomains later in the future. I don't know, maybe like your-mom.will-always-want.me or something? Haha.

Do remember that it's only a simple 301 redirect. Meaning, when someone opens the URL in their browser, they'll end up at i.fiery.me instead. It works alright in Discord since their thumbnailer follows redirect.

Anyways, that's all. See ya.