Changed blog's software... again

Huhu.. So yeah, I've just changed the blog's software again..

Back then I switched from Wordpress to Hexo, but now I've switched from Hexo to Gatsby.

To be honest, there isn't really much reasonings behind my decision this time.

At first, I kinda wanted to change my Hexo theme, but I couldn't really find a good one. So I came to the conclusion that the software wasn't good enough. Cause good software = more users = more theme makers, lul.

So yeah, I thought of looking for another software/framework/whatever, and I stumbled upon Gatsby.

I sorta just liked how... fancy it was. Right, fancy.

So, cause I liked fancy things, I figured I should see if there's any good themes, and I found one.

So yeah, I was like, "let's roll with this!", then here we are.

Don't ask me why I didn't just make my own theme. I was never good at web design, or just any designs in general.. Plus, that sounds exhausting as heck..

If you're interested, full source code of this blog can be found in this repository: