Bash uploader


I recently forked an open source project named uguush. It's a command-line uploader for various file hosts, mainly pomf clones. If you are on *nix, it can be a simple replacement to ShareX, which is Windows-only. You can check out my fork here.

My fork will upload to by default, but you can still use the other hosts available in it.


The main differences between my fork and master is the ability to use token and albums.

For example, running uguush -w -t MY_TOKEN_HERE will screenshot your active window and use MY_TOKEN_HERE as the token. If the token matches your account's, you will be able to see your uploaded screenshot from the safe's dashboard.

Then if you run uguush -f -t MY_TOKEN_HERE -a 1, a fullscreen screenshot will be taken and uploaded to your account, and as long as you have an album with ID 1, the screenshot will be added to that album. I have updated albums list in to show the albums' ID a few days ago to help you in getting their IDs.

Other than capturing active window and fullscreen, it can also capture selection with -s option.

By default, it depends on maim and slop, but if you have KDE Spectacle, then you can use -k option to replace both maim and slop with it.

Other than that, I also added -i option which you can use to apply shadow effect into active window capture when using maim/slop, just like spectacle. But unlike spectacle, even when the active window is maximized, it will still apply the shadow effect. Truthfully though, I ended up not using that option ever since I got spectacle. It was merely an experiment in the first place.

Anyways, if you want to use it, you can add custom shortcuts if you want. At least on my end I've replaced all spectacle shortcuts with this.

On a side note, technically my fork is compatible with all lolisafe-based host. You'll just have to manually edit the host from to other lolisafe-based host. Afterwards both token and albums feature should work just fine.

Okay, that's all from me for today folks. See you all next time~