Announcement about dumping full-length anime series on the safe

TL;DR. Please stop dumping full seasons of anime on the safe, kthxbye.

Hey there folks, another announcement here.

In recent months, I've starting seeing random sudden spikes in the safe's disk usage. When I investigated further, I then noticed a few accounts with very high disk usages, as compared to other accounts in the safe.

This got me curious, and also worried, cause I never claimed that the safe had unlimited disk storage.

After investigating said accounts, I then noticed that they were only being used to upload full-length anime series. As in entire seasons of random anime to boot, with each of their episodes in full-length.

I was sure it'd only be a matter of time before I got DMCA requests for these uploads. (Yes, I do respond to DMCA requests.)

In fact, before this I actually already got them a few times, with one even requesting to take down over 50 different URLs, which all happened to also be full-length anime. (On a side note, I'm planning to log all these DMCA requests in a text file, which everyone can access, someday in the future.)

For now, I won't be touching these uploads, unless I get DMCA requests (I don't personally know any of the series to begin with, so I wouldn't know whatever copyright laws apply to them).

But to those who own those accounts, I'd like to notify that I will eventually delete their uploads in the future, regardless of whether I will get DMCA requests for them.

Not only would I be troubled by DMCA requests, the safe's disk storage is also limited, and I'd very much prefer to prioritize the rest of us, who primarily used the safe for good ol' files sharing.

I mean, I'm not entirely against uploading huge files, that's why I even bothered to raise the file size to the maximum allowed by Cloudflare, which is 512 MB.

But I was mostly expecting people to only upload such huge files every once in a while, and not to just dump full seasons of anime, which were very likely for the sole reason of using them on their anime streaming websites or whatever.

Like come on people, get an actual proper video hosting service for those.

I mean sure, the safe is hosted in France, which is supposedly "offshore", but I personally will still respond to DMCA requests. Cloudflare can still frick me over if someone choose to talk directly with that big guy.

So yeah, that's all from me for today. I guess I'll be seeing y'all in the next blog post. 👋