Added hastebin

Hello there,

Just a small announcement, I've added a basic installation of hastebin at It should work as is with anything that supports hastebin by simply changing the domain.

I've been planning to add my own installation of paste/hastebin for a while but I only got around doing it today.

Anyways, it's very basic so I'm not gonna comment further. If you want to use it, then feel free.

Oh yeah, I'd like to note that it does not have paste expiration yet. I'll get to that someday in the future.

That's all. See ya folks!

EDIT: On a side note, if you think hastebin lack some features that you'd rather have in a pastebin-like sites, feel free to offer an alternative in the comment section. Preferably open-source ones of course. I didn't really put much thought when I chose hastebin after all.